What’s this all about?

The Moving Experts, Inc.

Ever thought of being an expatriate? Living abroad and abandoning all familiarities of the American way? I’ve wanted to do this most of my life. I’ve avoided owning property, having kids or a husband, and I’ve recently shed most of my worldly possessions to lighten my load. I’m ready to begin the journey. Tied to nothing here in the States by design, I think it’s about time that I finally take advantage of this freedom and work to fulfill this lifelong dream. No–no worries–I’m not going to jump on a ship tomorrow and head for the seas. I’m thinking of a two-year plan here. I’ve started this blog where I will journal and post resources, hoping to foster a following of interested readers and spark rich conversations.

I’m also going to post a little on retiring overseas. This is a hot topic as the cost of living is lower in the areas I’m considering, and many retirees are migrating south of the USA to live, play and explore–taking a new view on retirement communities!

So, please feel free to follow along and comment on anything!  –Daphne


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