Location, location, location–AKA–What country to call my new home

8 07 2012

Hyper-post: I’ve had many friends travel the Latin Americas. Here’s what I’ve heard. Mexico is wickedly inexpensive and wildly dangerous. Police are corrupt. Cab drivers are killers. People are wonderful. Art and food are both vibrant and delicious. Panama is fab for retirees, but a little pricey for the younger crowd. Don’t bother looking for a job unless you already have one lined up. You’d better come with cashflow planned. Brazil is all about safety. Absolutely beautiful and wonderful people with a rich culture. Be careful where you locate and always keep eyes in the back of your head. Not a place for people who wander around unaware of their surroundings. Great place to dive into a new world feet first. Costa Rica is the most popular recommendation from my friends in terms of beauty, cost of living, culture and safety. Argentina is a personal obsession, and several people have both recommended it highly as an ex pat destination as well as told me I was nuts to consider it. Belize is expensive but with the right plan, that includes working in the adventure tourism industry, it could easily be a dream come true.

If anyone has additional information, thoughts or ideas, please talk to me in the comments section. I love to interact and would really enjoy hearing from you!


More about retiring in the Republic of Panama

9 10 2010

So… interesting development on the homefront. My mother has recently become acquainted with the President of Costa Rica. Here’s the skinny: even the President of Costa Rica (unofficially and unconfirmed, of course) thinks that an American’s best value is in retiring in Panama. Believe it or not… your choice. Most of my mother’s personal connections are in Costa Rica, and still the best value she has found for herself is in Panama (plus there’s an added bonus that Costa Rica is very close by). This is official and confirmed.

Republic of Panama Beach

Here are some reasons why[Source: MSN Money]:

  • low cost of living,
  • near-perfect weather and
  • one of the world’s best discount programs for retirees 
  • up to 50% off everything from public transport to movies, mortgage rates, doctor’s visits, electricity, restaurants and airfares
  • newcomers who buy or build a new house won’t owe any property taxes for 20 years
  • residents pay no taxes on foreign-earned income
  • the U.S. dollar is legal tender in Panama, which insulates its economy from global shocks. During the Asian monetary crisis of 1998, Panama became one of the healthiest economies in Latin America.

Source: MSN Money. Link: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/RetirementandWills/RetireInStyle/PanamaIsParadiseForRetirees.aspx

Retire in the Republic of Panama–AARP recommended retirement destination

26 09 2010

It’s true–the USA, always known as the land of opportunity is not offering many opportunities to its older citizens looking to retire. Many retirees are naturally looking to locations in the world where their fixed income can streatch a little farther. Beyond this, retirees of today are not the retirees of yesteryear! Many babyboomers would relish a retirement of adventure and cultural richness, and for them, Panama meets all the requirements. By the way, Panama is more than happy to accomodate, and accomodate they do!

Panamainfo.com  has great resources for retirees and soon-to-be retirees looking for a lower cost of living combined with an exotic flare (safely, in a stable location). Here are some examples of their offerings:

Additionally, the AARP magazine, “Modern Maturity” listed Panama as number three among places to retire abroad:

Panama is a smart choice for retirees who want it all. Not only does it feature attractive retiree destinations, Panama also offers an unbeatable package of retiree benefits and discounts. Boquete has a unique range of back-home amenities, from a golf course to high-end gated communities.

While I am no where near retirement age, my 65-year-old mother is planning a move to Latin America to retire, along with her lab-pug mix dog, McGhee. Panama appears to have unriveld benefits for retirees, hoping to lure in these advenurous individuals on fixed USA government incomes.
What are your thoughts?

An American Expat Retirement in Costa Rica

12 09 2010

Retire? No, not me. I’m only 36-years-old, and I haven’t a clue what it would even feel like to THINK about retirement. I feel like I haven’t even started my life yet.

However, U.S. expats are migrating south, sometimes beyond the Equator, to find a nice place to retire that they can actually afford. My mother, now 65-years-old, has been dreaming of retiring in Costa Rica for many years now. Recently she has expanded this view to include a possible “other” location, the Republic of Panama.

But, back on the subject of retiring in Costa Rica, I cam across a great blog, “Escape to Latin America”: http://www.escapetolatinamerica.net/retire-in-costa-rica/

Beyond the well-known lower cost-of-living, this blog includes a list of reasons to retire/live in Costa Rica:

* Year-round spring-like weather in the Central Valley
* Untarnished international image. How often do you hear bad things in the news about Costa Rica? Only good news!
* Latin America’s oldest democracy
* No army and NO terrorism. Costa Rica has NO enemies.
* Excellent health care at a fraction of the price you pay at home
* Good real estate investments. Costa Rica is considered one of the world’s best emerging real estate markets. Many properties are in locations with breathtaking views
* More Americans residents proportionately than any country in the world
* A tightly-knit expatriate community
* Time-tested organizations in place to help you with everything you need to know to make the move from A to Z
* Excellent quality of life
* Good communications with high-speed internet in many areas
* Tax savings
* Opportunities for entrepreneurs of all ages
* Affordable utilities
* friendly people
* Many people who speak English
* 1000s of activities to stay busy and happy
* A nature lovers Disneyland
* Affordable hired help
* The beauty of the country
* Fantastic beaches and warm water
* Latin America’s #1 tourist destination according to Travel Weekly Magazine
* Many American products and services available
* Fruits and vegetables all year
* Good public transportation
* Any many more intangibles

For more information please visit “Escape to Latin America” http://www.escapetolatinamerica.net/retire-in-costa-rica/

As for me, I think I’m still leaning towards Argentina… for now.