How much is enough? AKA: There’s no such thing as security, but drinking helps.

11 10 2011

THE BIG MOVE… How can I decide when it’s time?The truth is, there is no perfect time to move. Slowly, I’m beginning to pull fuzzy rabbits out of my hat again, and for me, this is the definition of success. Money is beginning to be defined as something I can create again versus something that depends upon a job to acquire. What do I mean? Marketability versus traditional security.

My Mini Bottles on a Plane

I have several talents/skills that can generate income for me: 1) writing; 2) singing; 3) cooking; 4) acting; 5) communications and business development; 6) public speaking… these are marketable anywhere. The trick is to make sure each of these talents/skills are polished and at the ready to be marketed and delivered with exceptional quality. This level of marketability is far more secure than a job. I can’t get fired, I can mold the skills to fit within any changing market, and I take it with me wherever I go.

For me, I find that consuming moderate amounts of alcohol at strategic periods of time helps hone these skills. You know–focus.

Where to move? Look I only speak American English. So I’m honestly not concerned about the language barrier–I’m an alien anywhere. Argentina and Brazil look very promising, but I’m not ruling out Costa Rica or Panama. Belize has some fine attributes also.

When to move…? Again that pesky question. I think I’ll get drunk (or even high for the first time in my life) wind up on a plane, and there I will be.

More to come…


A word on cashflow and budgeting: Do you need a freelance writer?

10 09 2010

Wanted: Cash please--or work will do.

Independently wealthy? Yes please, thank you. That would be best. In my youth, I even believed this was possible. Ha! Hee hee. Now I know that my family inheritance is little more than a great story mixed with good intentions, delusions of grandeur and catastrophe. Plus, my current earning record is modest at best, especially as evidenced by my most recent bank statements. So, even if it begins to take off over night into the realms of great success, it will most likely be a little while before I get out of the hole I’ve dug myself into and have any faith that this upward momentum is not just some temporary fluke–a tragic accident serving only to mock me and my dreams. 

Debts create weight to a budget. My debts consist of students loans and a car payment. Period. So that’s one good mark for me. But, this means I do still have student loan debts and a car payment to address, which puts my need for income already weighted when I examine the low-cost-of-living benefits of living in Latin America. 

Working abroad. There’s good news and bad news for me working abroad. The good news is that my goal of never working as a drone in an office environment ever again is easy to accomplish since foreigners aren’t likely to get full-time office gigs overseas (it happens, but it’s not easy). Score! Limiting choices can be a very helpful tool towards realizing personal goals. 

What to do? This leaves me with a single critical objective: build a freelance writing business that is fully sustainable as I migrate, wherever and whenever I might go. Easy? No. Achievable? Certainly. Will I achieve it within a 1.5 year timeframe so that I’m fully prepared to move in two years? Why not? (I love answering a question with a question. It’s so obnoxious, isn’t it?) 

Meanwhile, I’m just building the damn freelance writing business. I’m taking short-term and long-term gigs. Working on projects that will help me build a diverse portfolio and enhance my credibility and also taking on projects that simply pay. I’m thinking of this thing like diversifying a portfolio at the start. I can be a cranky elitist writer-type when I have the reputation and cashflow to afford being a cranky elitist writer-type. Today, I need to build the business in reputation, body of work and income. I’m also convinced that if I do my job well, and eagerly soak up all of the lessons dished out to me along the way with an open mind and heart, that cranky elitist writer-type will probably not appear very often in my personality. Oh, will my closest friends be grateful! 

Help? So, if you happen to need a freelancer for any type of writing, please feel free to contact me. Small, large or medium projects, collaborations, etc. I’m game, and I will genuinely appreciate the support. Please feel free to contact me: 

Happy trails  –Daphne