Who are you?

Hi! I’m Daphne.

I’m a 30-something-year-old Florida native, thrilled with my community and environment but searching beyond the Florida swamps for adventure in the most profound way. I want to be an expatriate. Looking to move to Central or South America to live, write, cook and dream of my next adventure. This is a 2-year mission to embark on this journey. Oh, and my 65-year-old mother, Joan, and her dog, McGhee, are wanting to join me. To be fair, I’m not exactly sure what the dog wants. This blog is all about the planning, lessons learned, actions, inactions, mistakes and successes that will lead us to our destination.

[07.08.2012 UPDATE: Mom and dog have officially given up on the idea of living abroad. Mostly due to recent health issues. Oh, she’s fine. Just had a momentary scare that was enough to have her thinking that leaving the States long-term might not be the best idea for her right now. And the dog stays with mom.]

As for me, well, I’m a writer, a musician, an artist, a cook, a friend and a lover of adventure. I’ve done time in the business world, working in offices, following policies and procedures (or trying to) until my spirit decided to literally crawl out of my skin, stand in front of me and scream at me. It said that it would leave me for good if I don’t stop torturing it. I said okay and kindly asked if it would crawl back inside for a little while while I try to fix things. I’m grateful to report, it did. Now, I’m frantically working to grow my freelance writing business and plan for a life living abroad. What I do or think about to acheive this will be described here. Everything from my thoughts  to lists of practical goals and steps I’m taking will be part of this blog.

Wanna join in? Or just follow along? You’re more than welcome to add your thoughts, questions, comments, tips, feelings, ideas… anything actually. Or you can just lurk in the corners and watch silently as the project progresses. Either way, the more the merrier, but I do love to interact.

Below are some ideas–a few places I might consider landing. Hey, I might decide to abandon the Americas completely and end up on the other side of the world. Only time (and this blog) will tell. What do you think?

Republic of Panama

Possible destination #1: Republic of Panama

Mexico map

Possible destination #2: Mexico

Argentina Map

Possible destination #3: Argentina

Costa Rica Map

Possible destination #4: Costa Rica


2 responses

26 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

26 09 2010

Thank you, Readers Heaven. I’m very pleased to meet you, too! –Daphne

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