Location, location, location–AKA–What country to call my new home

8 07 2012

Hyper-post: I’ve had many friends travel the Latin Americas. Here’s what I’ve heard. Mexico is wickedly inexpensive and wildly dangerous. Police are corrupt. Cab drivers are killers. People are wonderful. Art and food are both vibrant and delicious. Panama is fab for retirees, but a little pricey for the younger crowd. Don’t bother looking for a job unless you already have one lined up. You’d better come with cashflow planned. Brazil is all about safety. Absolutely beautiful and wonderful people with a rich culture. Be careful where you locate and always keep eyes in the back of your head. Not a place for people who wander around unaware of their surroundings. Great place to dive into a new world feet first. Costa Rica is the most popular recommendation from my friends in terms of beauty, cost of living, culture and safety. Argentina is a personal obsession, and several people have both recommended it highly as an ex pat destination as well as told me I was nuts to consider it. Belize is expensive but with the right plan, that includes working in the adventure tourism industry, it could easily be a dream come true.

If anyone has additional information, thoughts or ideas, please talk to me in the comments section. I love to interact and would really enjoy hearing from you!




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8 07 2012

Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and intriguing countries I’ve ever been to. First, it is extraordinarily rich in culture, natural beauty, as well as historical significance (both with the Mayans as well as the Spanish settlers). Secondly, apart from all the beauty and culture, there is an ugly side (as with all coutries). It is eith many social problems, corrupt police and politicos and it is fairly dangerous. I know very few people who haven’t at least been robbed there. Finally, it has a very warm people. Guatemalans are so welcoming and hospitable and very kind. It’s a shame Guatemala hasn’t been added to your list! By the way, it is dirt cheap, even in the tourist areas (Antigua and Panajachel).

12 12 2012

Becoming an ‘expat’ is all about the first steps. Similar to jumping into that not-very-warm ocean. I’m a similar age to you, and I guess Malta is somewhat less adventurous than Costa Rica, but it is eminently doable. And good for you!

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